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Audio for Flow English Summer Sale June 20th and 21st

This is the audio for the text of our Flow English Summer Sale. To learn more about our Summer Sale go to: www.flowenglish.com/summer-sale/

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Flow English Spring 2014 Super-Pack Sale!

This is the audio read-through for our 2014 Spring Sale. For the Text of this audio go to:


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Audio for Foto English Lessons- Biggest Sale Ever?

Audio for our Foto English Sale on February 25th and 26th!

Learn more about our Foto English Lessons at: http://www.flowenglish.com/foto-english-lessons/

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Black Sheep

Three new color idioms for your slang English curiosity this week:

1) Black Sheep

2) Out of the Blue

3) to Blue Pencil (something)


For more Real English look us up at www.FlowEnglish.com

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